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Thin Film Physics Group

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Departement of Physics, Laboratory for Solid State Physics, ETH Zürich, Switzerland; located at Technopark Zürich

Former Head of Group

PD Dr. Hans Zogg

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Spin-off companies



Due to the retirement of Hans Zogg, the research activities of the Thin Film Physics group have been dicontinued in August 2011. Ongoing research has been moved to the corresponding spin-off companies:

Mid-infrared laser
spin-off company

Phocone - Mid-Infrared laser spin-off company

spin-off company



Narrow gap IV-VI MBE-layers on BaF2 and Si:

  • 2009: PbSe VECSEL on BaF2, PDF
  • 2007: PbTe VECSEL on Silicon and BaF2, PDF
  • 2004: High reflectivity Bragg Mirrors, PDF
  • 2003: Mid-IR-emitters - optically pumped lasers and wavelength transformers, PDF

Thin Film Photovoltaics

CIGS and CdTe based solar cells on polyimide:

PV activity moved to EMPA in March 2009.

PVD of Thin Films


Equipment and characterization


Narrow gap IV-VI MBE-layers on Si:

  • 2010: CO absorption spectroscopy ~1ppm sensitivity, PDF
  • 2009: Blue-shifted/red-shifted tunable RCED (Resonant Cavity Enhanced Photodetector) with PbSrTe/PbSnTe as absorber, PDF 1, PDF 2




Annual Report 2009

Thin Film Physics PDF 1 MB
Former Annual Reports (1997-2009)

Updated Aug. 2011